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Hispanic’s: Canada’s Creative Class

Since 2007, the Hispanic Business Alliance (formerly known as Association) has established its prestigious reputation as the only national Hispanic group capable of having a presence across the country to promote entrepreneurship and the image of Hispanics in Canada. Our guests meet face-to-face with some of the most influential Hispanic and non Hispanic leaders of our history. As a private sector Social Enterprise, we create social value reinvesting revenues into programs related to our goals while assuming all risks. 


1) 10 most influential Hispanic Canadians: Since 2007, the ‘10 most’, only national program within our community officially and personally recognized by a Prime Minister (Stephen Harper), highlights outstanding Hispanics from across the nation. It has had a presence in Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Saskatchewan.

2) Funding for Education ($220,000): Since 2016, we raised $220,000 in scholarships from community members and stakeholders. The $100,000 ILAC English scholarships were awarded to ten women from Spanish speaking countries who are making positive changes within their own communities. The $120,000 Ryerson Hispanic Latino scholarships were awarded to Hispanic/Latin students at Ryerson University. Funding is now closed. 

3) Seminars:  Business, professional development and job search.

4) NewsletterFree bi-monthly news on events, jobs and issues of importance to Hispanics and others interested in our community.

5) Advocacy: 1) First and only Hispanic group to have successfully advocated on business diversity for small ethnic suppliers to the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games, the largest sports celebration in the country taking place the summer of 2015 in Toronto. We are working on other projects with the Games and other organizations. 2) Member of the steering committee that lobbied Statistics Canada for the "2008 Profile of the Hispanic community in Canada", a landmark study based on the census 2006 demonstrating the presence of 741,760 Hispanics in Canada - double the initial count of 350,000; it also showed that Hispanics are five years younger and more likely to be university-educated than other Canadians. 

"Social entrepreneurs don’t think of money. They think of goals to benefit their community and deliver on them. Social entrepreneurs keep their eyes open to everything that occurs in the world, because every change represents opportunities and challenges. They visualize, plan long term, surround themselves with experts, are positive and never give up. Social entrepreneurs know that success is achieving personal dreams and being happy with themselves while also leaving a positive legacy in their society."  MAURICIO OSPINA

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