Key Facts About Hispanics

    There’s a growing interest in all things Latin, be it in trade, research, sports, culture, fashion or cinema. With over 70 years in Canada, the Hispanic influence is on the rise. Canadian companies in the region are highly visible in the resource extraction, financial, industrial and agricultural sectors. Our universities have extensive academic partnerships with the region. The knowledge and skills of Hispanic Canadians is essential to companies seeking business and alliances abroad. According to the Statistics Canada 2008 `Profile of the Hispanic Community in Canada` based on the census 2006:

    1. There have been five major Hispanic immigration waves to Canada, the largest and most recent known as ‘Professional wave’ (since 1990).
    2. In 2008, there were 741,760 Hispanics in Canada (28% in Toronto).
    3. Hispanics are five years younger and more likely to be university-educated than other Canadians.
    4. From 2001 to 2006, the Hispanic population grew 29.9% vs. 5.4% for other Canadians.
    5. Hispanics are more likely to rent (47.5% vs. 31.5%) or have higher mortgage dependency (28.9% vs. 12.1%) that other Canadians.
    6. Approximately 11% of our immigrants come from Spanish speaking countries. Spanish is the third most spoken language in Canada after English and French. Note: Includes natural and adopted by non-speakers. Mandarin and Cantonese are two distinct languages (FOCAL).
    7. Close to half of Canada’s GDP depends on exports, of which less than 80% goes to the U.S.  With over 600 million consumers, Spanish-speaking countries represent one of the fastest growing markets (DFAIT).
    8. Immigrants account for more than 70% of all Canadian labour force growth, a proportion that will grow to 100 % in the next 10 years (RBC).
    9. Close to 40% of all Hispanic immigrants came in the last 20 years, compared to only 33% for all immigrants to Canada.
    10. Hispanics are Canada’s Creative Class as demonstrated by the Census Canada study and our "10 most influential Hispanic Canadians”.

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